Textile Yarns

Woven Dyed fabrics

Draw Texturised Yarn Polyester / Nylon

Polyester drawn textured yarn is a type of polyester filament yarn which is drawn using high-speed texturizing machines. Texturing is important to give the yarn a soft and woolly feel which also increases the warmth and comfort of fabrics. We heat-set the filament in a twisted condition to give greater apparent volume, bulk, stretch and more pleasing aesthetics to the fabrics. It is used to produce textiles for high-end apparel, high-end sports shoes, sports bags, and more.

Drawn textured nylon yarn is made from the Partial Oriented Yarn (POY) which is drawn and twisted during the texturizing process. It is used to produce textile fabrics such as draperies, sarees, mosquito nets, sports-wear, and others. Our latest machine and technology imparts exquisite luster and vibrancy to the fabrics to provide superior quality and product to our customers.

Air Texturised Yarn Polyester/Nylon

We produce air-texturised polyester yarn on the latest high-speed texturizing machines. The air texturized process is completely mechanical that uses a cold air-stream to produced a bulk yarns. It forms millions of loops that give a distinct look and feel to the fabrics. You’ll find our air-textured material 100% polyester which can be used to produce soft luggage, lightweight swimwear, and more.

The air-texturised nylon yarn process is similar to polyester process. However, the only difference is – nylon air-textured yarn form more loops and the finest stability to the fabrics.

The air-textured yarns resemble spun yarns in their appearance and physical characteristics. The air-jet texturising process is by far the most versatile of all the yarn texturising methods in that it can blend filaments together during processing.

Air textured yarn is very bulky with permanent crimps and loops. Interlacing of filaments in the jet can cause the loops to be locked into the yarn, so that twist is unnecessary. Loop frequency, loop dimensions, loop stability and physical bulk are the important characteristics of air jet textured yarns.

Why choose ATY?

1. Cotton-like Handfeel

Majority of the filament yarns’ fabrics have a very synthetic hand to it. However, after the special air texturing process, ATY gains stable-fiber-like, such as cotton-like, or better hand feel.

2. Maintain Filament Yarns’ Functions

Some texturizing processes would diminish functionality of filament yarns. Nonetheless, ATY can maintain functions, such as easy care, wicking, bright color fastness, thermal control, breath-ability, and many more.

3. Versatile Fiber Combinations

ATY is capable of making hybrid with a variety of different fibers. This gives ATY the advantage of versatility and possibility. Moreover, different process settings can provide different thickness and hand feels.

Woven Dyed fabrics

Sized Yarns

Sizing of yarn is the process of giving a protective coating on the warp yarn to minimize yarn breakage during weaving. Sizing is the most important operation in preparing warp yarn for weaving especially with cotton yarn. The smallest error in sizing process may be very harmful.

Dyed Yarns

Dyed yarns are produced by dyeing raw Yarn such as DTY , ATY and can be used for various applications for weaving fabrics, knitting fabrics and other textile applications.