We are committed to deliver consistently best quality Woven Dyed Fabrics and Textile Yarns to our valued customers. We are continuously providing quality products, ensuring environmental sustainability with a greater efficiency. We strictly focus on the quality, standard, durability and continuity of our Woven Dyed Fabrics and Textile so that our products could meet with the ever changing needs of the customers.

Research & Development

Woven Dyed fabrics

We continuously innovate new lifestyle fabrics made from different fibers, colours and finishes to ensure our customers have an edge in today's competitive market.

Health Safety and Environment

We are equipped with all the latest pollution control equipments to ensure environmental sustainability. Our plant is designed to give all our workers & staff clean & hygienic working conditions. We also have all the consents from factory, health, safety & environment departments which ensure that we practice safe and healthy production procedures.

Note​: We comply with all the fire safety rules & regulations required by the industrial safety authority.